Why We Exist

The Earth is under siege - threats to fragile ecosystems are everywhere.

We are currently losing approximately 150-200 species of plants and animals every single day! We have managed to speed up the natural extinction rate by about 1,000 percent!


It is time to heal the Earth - and we need your help! 

We utilize amazing animals (because after all, they ARE nature's best ambassadors) and the arts, particularly music as much as possible, in order to reach people's hearts and minds. The presentations that we provide not only educate, but seek to inspire as well. With this in mind, we provide seminars to as many different venues as we can, to help people understand the magnitude of the challenges that we face and that we must work together to make change now!

Our Approach


Planet Rehab is dedicated to protecting the environment by nurturing the relationship between humanity and nature. 


To raise awareness of current environmental challenges by educating people of all ages as to what can be done to protect existing eco-systems.

Our Goals



Environmental education is critical to moving forward with our mission. We host events, hold presentations, and provide seminars to help people understand the magnitude of the challenges we face and that we must work together to solve. We all share in the responsibility to care for this planet and we work to empower individuals with actions that they can take to be part of the solution.



With 150-200 species going extinct each day the only hope for many species will be captive breeding programs. Planet Rehab currently operates an animal sanctuary in San Dimas, CA which has successfully bred numerous species on the endangered species list. We seek to utilize our experience to assist vulnerable species throughout the world.



Ecosystems are crashing and our planet is having a difficult time sustaining life. We are destroying the Earth's natural filters at an alarming rate. The Amazon rainforest, known as the lungs of the planet, is home to over a third of the world's species. Each year, over 56 million acres are destroyed, 85% of which is used to support the cattle industry. We seek to educate and inspire the public on sustainable choices we can make.

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