Hello, We are Sherlock and Dr. Watson

Former Consulting Detective and Army Doctor

Sherlock and Dr. Watson are two Muscovy Duck brothers that are always peeking under every corner. They are our two most curious friends at Planet Rehab! True to their names, Sherlock usually takes the lead while Dr. Watson follows closely behind. They have solved many mysterious cases, including 'Who's a good boy?' and 'Who let the dogs out?' (Hint: It was them!) If you give them a proper greeting, they might even give you the privilege of feeding them! 

If you sponsor Sherlock and Dr. Watson, you can sponsor two Muscovy Ducks for the price of one! We thought, since they are inseparable within the Sanctuary, they should be inseparable for sponsorships too! Sponsor today and get regular updates on the adventures of Sherlock and Dr. Watson!

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