Stop Trashing the Oceans


will be dead as well!

Did you know that halfway between California and Hawaii is a FLOATING PATCH OF PLASTIC GARBAGE that, by the latest estimates, has grown to 1 1⁄2 times the size of the continental United States? It is estimated to be 90 feet deep.

Unbelievable right? And it is actually
one of five giant floating Garbage Patches in the world’s oceans! It turns out that when opposing currents collide, they form swirling vortexes called GYRES, where trash in the ocean is deposited.

So how does the plastic trash enter the ocean? Scientists believe that over 80% of the trash comes from people leaving it on the beach or from trash thrown into storm drains. 


  • All 5 of the Ocean's Gyres are filling with Plastic Trash- over 80% comes from Land- trash left on the beach or storm drains.

  • Over time, plastic breaks into particles that become incorporated into the food chain.

  • Plankton is the basic building block of the ocean so now anything that previously ate plankton is now eating plastic!

  • There are now 6 times more plastic particles than plankton in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

  • 56% of the oxygen we breath come from plankton in the ocean!

What can you do?

  • Join Planet Rehab at one of our Beach Clean ups!

  • We MUST be responsible for our trash!

  • Move away from single use plastic (bags, containers)

  • Pass legislation to eliminate single use plastic bags

  • Extend producer responsibility

  • SPEAK OUT- Let people know WHAT is happening to our oceans!

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Planet Rehab is very proud to have been one of the organizations that campaigned to ban single use plastic bags in California. As of January 2016, the plastic bag ban will go into effect! To help Californians move beyond using Plastic Bags, Planet Rehab has created our reusable bags as well as reusable water canteens, click here for more info.

Planet Rehab has been very vocal about raising awareness to the alarming trash situation in our oceans! Since 2012, Planet Rehab has broadcast this message through numerous media outlets including Telemundo (Evening News, Accesso Total), Radio Interviews (including two National KIIS FM interviews), and over 10 newspaper and magazine articles.

Planet Rehab was also the first organization in California to join the “Hands Across the Sand” movement – which has now gone global! “Hands Across the Sand” calls attention to pollutants that are threatening the ocean’s health (i.e. oil, plastic, etc.). On May 16, 2015 Planet Rehab will celebrate our 6th Annual Hands Across the Sand with a Beach Clean Up, an Environmental Program and will conclude as we join hands at the water’s edge – knowing the 1000’s of people in countries all over the world, are doing the same!

Please consider joining our team! Together we can make change! 

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