Shang-Hai the Chinese Golden Pheasant


Shang-Hai was rescued from the Ontario Humane Society. He now lives in our Parakeet Encounter habitat. Chinese Golden Pheasants are consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful birds in the world. 

Parakeet Encounter

Create memorable experiences in our fully interactive Parakeet Encounter Habitat and be in the center of all the activity.

Dozens of colorful parakeets will whiz past your ears as they chase each other through the air, while adorable bunnies nibble on hay around your feet. Don't pet them though or our resident tough-guy, Harley the Pigeon will be quick to jealousy. You may also witness our Chinese Golden Pheasant try to seduce an Indian White Peacock with his mysterious mating rituals!


For an even closer experience, you can purchase a cup of Parakeet Feed for $1.99 to have our brightly-colored parakeets eat out of your hands!

The Residents

Remington the Blue Parakeet

The most recent rescue was Remington, a beautiful slate blue/gray parakeet that we hand-fed around the clock since he was a tiny fledgling.  Remington knows his name and will fly to the side of the aviary when called and give us kisses.


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Want to name one of our animals? Then you're looking at the right place! We have dozens and dozens of parakeets waiting to learn their name.

To name a parakeet, press the button below. Then in the option, "Name your new friend," please write the desired name. You can also let us know if you have a preferred colorway (your favorite color perhaps?). Fill out the rest of the form and press submit.


Harley the Pigeon

Harley was a racing pigeon before we found him! Unfortunately, Harley became lost one day. In late 2016, we found Harley in the wild and quickly noticed the band on his foot. Upon discovering Harley is blind from his left eye, we decided to rescue him. Harley is now thriving in our Parakeet Encounter habitat!


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