Save the

Monarch Butterflies!

Why Rescue Monarchs?

The iconic Monarch Butterfly is known all around the world, which is not surprising, since Monarchs live on every continent except Antarctica. 

Yet everyday the Monarchs are fighting for their survival.

Here in North America, the Eastern population of Monarch butterflies migrate from as far north as Canada to Michoacán, Mexico- the largest insect migration in the world, known as the Great Monarch Migration. Yet in 2014, fewer Monarchs migrated than any other recorded year in history! The same is true with the Western population of Monarchs which migrates to the California coast, in fact, we have lost an unbelievable 96.5% of Monarchs over the last 20 years alone. The North Amercian Monarch population size, too, has diminished significantly over time.

Sadly, some scientists fear that soon it will be the end of the Great Monarch Migration.

Planet Rehab worked with Cal State Fullerton to produce this Public Service Announcement which has been played on local television stations and is helping to educate the public on how they can help the Monarchs!

Part of Planet Rehab's mission is to help all species thrive! One species that we are working very hard to help is the North American Monarch. To do this, we helped plant Milkweed in 3 of San Dimas's parks as this is the only plant Monarchs can lay their eggs on. Due to large corporations spraying chemicals on a multitude of crops, milkweed is not as prevalent as it used to be. As a result, the Monarchs are unable to reproduce. Through this initiative we hope to bring Monarchs to San Dimas and help them repopulate here! We also sell and grow milkweed in the spring/summer while selling milkweed seeds all year!

1. Planted Milkweed in 3 San Dimas Parks!

What has Planet Rehab done?

2. Assist in making the city of Azusa the "Monarch Capital of California"

A few months back, Planet Rehab hosted the mayor of Azusa, whom after receiving a tour of our animal sanctuary was inspired by our efforts to preserve the Monarch butterflies. Since then, we have inspired the mayor and assisted the city of Azusa with their goal to become the "Monarch Capital of California." 



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