Make a difference in the life of a rescued animal! The sponsorship program allows supporters to contribute to the cost of food, shelter, and veterinary care for the animals rescued from situations of abuse, neglect, and abandonment on an ongoing monthly basis. To learn more about our sponsorship program, click here

We provide entertaining and educational seminars to as many different venues as we can, to help people understand the magnitude of the challenges that we face. We utilize some of our animal friends, as well as the arts, particularly music as much as possible, in order to reach people's hearts and minds. To learn when/where our events are, click here

Are you interested in being part of Planet Rehab? Currently, with over 350 amazing animal friends, we need trustworthy and devoted volunteers who can commit themselves to Planet Rehab.

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Green Business is GOOD business! Showing your customers that you support Green Causes is a great way to grow during these uncertain times. Show your customers you care by becoming a Planet Rehab Sponsor! Click here to learn more

Planet Rehab educates the public on environmental issues as well as provide homes for rescued animals. We rely exclusively on sponsorships and donations, both from private individuals and concerned businesses. Your tax-deducible contribution is crucial, as it insures that the special care we provide to over 350 animals will continue.


Are you looking for something greater to be apart of? By being a regular volunteer you will be in close contact with the amazing Planet Rehab family we have created. By caring for animals, attending our Ted Talk Tuesdays, or coming out to one of our Beach Cleanups you will create a bond with people and animals like no other! We look forward to welcoming you into our family!


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