Hello, I am Fernando

This is Fernando, he's our resident puppy – I mean, Muscovy Duck. Though you could be confused too by his wagging tail and eagerness for scratches! Fernando and his wife Isabella were adopted into Planet Rehab together, and made a cozy spot for themselves in their own enclosure. He and Isabella are the proud parents of many ducking, all of whom are growing into their own.

Fernando loves his family very much, and always waits for his wife and children to eat before eating himself. He and his family love to take baths and sunbathe all day long, quacking, snuffing and chattering the day away. Visit this happy family at Planet Rehab, where your support matters in the Muscovy family's life.

Former Puppy Stunt-Double

Personal Info

Conservation Status

Least Concern



Muscovy Duck


Central & South America

Native To

Muscovy Den



Muscovy Duck

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