Costa Rica Endangered Species Project

Although only .003% of the Earth's surface, over 6% of the planet's biodiversity calls Costa Rica their home!

Unfortunately, Costa Rica is facing some of the same challenges as the Amazon Rainforests; improved transportation routes, expanded development, and the influx of Americans are all threatening Costa Rican Rainforests. 

Governmental corruption, illegal logging, and general development have put these protected areas at risk even though Costa Rica has committed to protecting 10% of its rainforests. Certain species, such as jaguars, need large territories in order to procreate without the possibility of inbreeding, and Costa Rica has only 35% of its original rainforests intact! We need your help to stop this!

Slash and Burn: Bringing Hell to Earth

SLASH AND BURN is the most common way of destroying the rainforests. First the trees are cut down, and then what is not harvested is burned. Every day there are over 600 fires initiated in the Amazon releasing so much carbon that they are a chief factor in speeding up Global Climate Change. 

Our Project Will Seek to Accomplish the Following:


Existing Rainforest Territory


Reforestation in Depleted Areas


Breeding Programs for At-Risk Species


Public with hands-on Conservation Training and Environmental Education


An Animal Sanctuary for Abandoned or Abused Animals


Our Plan

Planet Rehab has identified the top Costa Rican species that are at risk of extinction and will be initially concentrating on breeding programs to assist these species.


Planet Rehab currently operates an animal sanctuary in San Dimas, CA and has successfully bred numerous species on the endangered species list. You can help sponsor one of the many animals we care for here


The Planet Rehab team has over 40 years of experience breeding exotic animals and our team consists of Microbiologists, Wildlife Conservationists, Native Bird Specialists, Environmental Sustainability Experts & experienced Zookeepers, but we need your help! With 150-200 species going extinct each day, the only hope for many species will be captive breeding programs.  Planet Rehab will release the offspring from our breeding efforts into our protected rainforest therefore helping to ensure their species' survival!


Our staff is fluent in English and Spanish and we believe that we can assist Costa Rica in the all-important mission of protecting its precious environment. This cannot be done without your help so please donate now!

Costa Rican Sponsorship Tiers

Planet Propagator $40

Fund the planting of rainforest trees

Helps promote reforestation and funds the planting of new trees, which help restore native forests

Caretaker $75

Sponsors the care for endangered animals and keeps species safe

Helps fund breeding programs and care for at-risk species

Eco-Warrior $100

Funds land purchases and helps protect existing rainforest territory

Helps save threatened forest habitats and goes toward purchasing land needed for the animal sanctuary

Planet Saver $500

Sponsors of an acre of land that will be part of the nature reserve, helps fund the sanctuary, provides care for the animals, and plants new trees in deforested areas

Helps fund multiple programs in the project and truly makes you a savior of the planet

Custom Sponsorship $$

Your sponsorship for Planet Rehab can be custom tailored to reflect your interests and desired support level, from funding a specific program or sponsoring an individual event at Planet Rehab.

If you would like to pursue this type of sponsorship, please contact Planet Rehab for more information so that we can get the details of the sponsorship you would like to create with us.


Marina De León

Marina is the Costa Rica coordinator for Planet Rehab. She currently specializes in amphibian disease mitigation. Marina received her B.S. in Wildlife Conservation Biology from UC Davis, and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in microbiology at UC Davis.  Using the latest biotechnology resources, she plans to find a cure for the deadly amphibian disease, chytridiomycosis.


Costa Rica is a home away from home for Marina.  She frequently visits her family who defected from Colombia to live peacefully outside of the capital city, San José. She has spent time frogging, and exploring the beaches and mountains, attending conservation conferences, and collaborating with herpetologists at the University of Costa Rica in San Pedro.


Having reliable contacts in Costa Rica, and a background in wildlife conservation are her key features for the program. In addition to contributing knowledge of conservation and amphibians, she is facilitating the creation of a Planet Rehab center in a place that will benefit animals most, a rural town, with limited resources in the heart of the tropical rain forest.

Gary Mitchell

Gary is a self described Animal/Enviro Freak - many times preferring the company of animals to humans. Long before founding Planet Rehab in 2002, Gary worked with various species of animals dating back to 1970 and has successfully bred numerous species on the endangered species list. The United Nations declaration stating that we are causing the extinction of 150-200 species each day keeps him motivated to work for the protection of their habitats and the survival of their species. He is hopeful that the Planet Rehab team can make a meaningful contribution by not only protecting rainforest, but by breeding  species facing extinction in Costa Rica.

Skye Rummer

Skye is a recently graduated high school student from St. Lucy's Priory High School. At St. Lucy's she was very active in the community service organization, KIWIN'S. Skye was the Treasurer, Vice President, and President during her time in the St. Lucy's KIWIN'S Club. During her leadership, the club received multiple awards based on money raised for charities and hours completed by the over 160 members in the club. Skye was also awarded the Christian Service Award for the Los Angeles Diocese for her dedication to service throughout her high school career and the Kiwanis Scholarship for her continuous work to her KIWIN'S club for 4 years.


Skye came to us in February 2017 to help redesign our website which was launched in April 2017 and has now become our Volunteer Coordinator. She  has brought in volunteers and contributes many ideas to further the goals of Planet Rehab. Attending UC Merced in the fall, she will be studying Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Studies.


Skye hopes to continue being active in Planet Rehab by helping out with our events and helping further our research to get us ready for our move to Costa Rica in 2020. She will also be helping us raise the necessary funds to make this dream a reality. Skye is extremely excited to help Planet Rehab in this initiative to save the environment and give back to the community!

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