Houdini the Scarlet Macaw joined our family in May, 2016. At first he was a bit grumpy at the change of scenery, but with a little love he was soon part of the family. This rainbow-feathered friend was adopted from a family who could no longer give him the attention he needed after his primary owner passed away, so they contacted us to help. Houdini loves to give kisses and ride on shoulders...

Houdini the Scarlet Macaw


The Residents

Kiki is a Sun Conure and joined our family in 2011.  Sun Conures are native to the Amazon rainforest and Kiki lives in the Planet Rehab Wings of the World Habitat with his daughter ShaZam.  ShaZam is 2 years old now and hatched out at Planet Rehab.  Kiki can say the word " Beso " and will give kisses.  He also YELLS Gary's name (very unattractive!).  He and ShaZam love apples and Kiki is VERY possessive of his Human Family here at Planet Rehab.

KiKi and ShaZam

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KiKi and ShaZam

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