Chickens are People Too

There is a lot more to chickens than just McNuggets or scrambled eggs. They also have quite the range of personalities! While most of our beloved chickens are friendly and confident, they can also be quite timid and shy. And of course, you can also come across some particularly aggressive chickens who do NOT believe in "sharing is caring" (trust us, we've tried! We got the ouchies to prove it!). Once you spend time with any of them, you too will be convinced that "chickens are people, too!"


Want to name one of our animals? Then you're looking at the right place! The coop is home to chickens from all over the world. Our feathered residents includes Japanese Silkies, Malaysian Serama, D'uccles including White, Millie Fleur & Black Mottled from Belgium, as well as Phoenix and Polish chickens.


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The Residents

Polish Chickens for Sponsorships

The Polish is a European breed known for its beautiful and dramatic crest of feathers that can nearly cover their head. The crest can limit their vision and, as a result, can make them timid and easily frightened. However, they are still known for their friendly and tame behavior.


Japanese Silkies for Sponsorships

Japanese Silkies have funny personalities and are friendly, even with children. They are known for their wonderful fluffy appearance which feels like silk and satin. They make great, nurturing mothers and even the roosters are often good with chicks.


Phoenix Chickens for Sponsorships

The Phoenix is an ancient Japanese breed of chicken tracing its heritage back over at thousand years! Phoenix chickens are a high-maintenance breed and are prized for their amazing long tails, requiring special care in order to keep their tail feathers in good shape.


Serama Bantams for Sponsorships


Serama bantams are one of the most popular pets in America as they are friendly, confident little birds and love to be with people. They are the smallest known breed of chicken in the World. They are sweet little birds and love to act as 'tough guys.' They are basically the chihuahuas of the chicken world!


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