Hello, I am Charger

Charger can be usually seen patrolling the perimeter of his habitat in search for gold. His favorite food is sunflower seeds and will ignore you unless you have a few in your hands. And if you do have sunflower seeds, he will be your best friend! (until you ran out, and then its back to ignoring you!) Charger is an incredibly curious bird and will always take one peek at what you're doing before he goes back to patrolling. 

Chinese Golden Pheasants were originally native to the base of mountains in China, near forests. Due to domestication, wild populations of Chinese Golden Pheasants can now be found all over the World. They are capable of flight, but they prefer running and staying on the ground. Their diet in the wild consists of grains, leaves, and invertebrates. At night they sleep on tree branches.

Wandering Guard

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Chinese Golden Pheasants



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Chinese Golden Pheasant

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