Hello, I am Caesar

This is Caesar and he is the king of the peacocks at Planet Rehab. He came to Planet Rehab as a wild young bird. Upon entering, Caesar strutted in and immediately took his place as prince. Since he has arrived, his tail has grown into a long and extravagant train and his strut has become a stately parade. He is not only a king, but also a father of many peacock chicks that have grown into fine young peafowls themselves.

It's hard to be king over peacocks as they all can be proud birds, especially in the spring where all of them want to have loud parties that scream from the highest perches, but Caesar has the most civilized land that welcomes new citizens in need, including Sweet Pea and Racer, the golden Pheasant couple.

When you help support Planet Rehab, you help support Caesar and his peaceful kingdom.

Supreme King of Peacocks

Personal Info

Conservation Status

Least Concern



Indian White Peacock



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White Peacock

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