Hello, I am Buddy

This is Buddy the Goat. He came to Planet Rehab in 2012 along with his best friend, Benjamin the Alpaca. When Benjy came to Planet Rehab, he was so sad to be without his friend Buddy that we invited Buddy to live here too. They've been inseparable ever since. Buddy is very nice and playful for a goat. He loves to mess and play around with our Executive Director, Gary Mitchell. When he sees the volunteers in the morning he jumps around and presses against the enclosure to get those oh-so-satisfying horn rubs and tasty treats.

Buddy and his best friend Benjamin came here when their past owner couldn't take care of them anymore, but they have made Planet Rehab home. This is their sanctuary, and thanks to people like you Planet Rehab can continue to care for kind and playful animals in need of a home.

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Nigerian Dwarf Goat

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Nigerian Dwarf Goat

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