Benjy the Suri Alpaca


When I first moved to Planet Rehab, my human servants forgot to bring my pal, Buddy the Goat. After one long week of sternly lecturing them (they claim I was in tears, as if!), I was finally reunited with my best friend. I did miss Buddy so much! I'm thankful for Planet Rehab for allowing me to remain with my best friend in the world! 


Gaia the Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Gaia is a beautiful Dwarf Nigerian Goat with striking blue eyes.  She came to live at Planet Rehab in 2012 when she was only 3 months old.  She loves to play with her adopted sister Calliope and will be your best friend if you feed her apples!  



The Barnyard Buddies habitat opened in early 2012 when Planet Rehab was called upon to rescue a young Suri Alpaca, named Benjy. Unbeknownst to our knowledge, Benjy had already bonded with a Nigerian Dwarf Goat, Buddy. (I think we can all agree this goat was aptly named) Luckily, we were able to rescue both of them and they have been inseparable ever since!


Within two months, their small herd expanded yet again when TWO more Nigerian Dwarf Goats joined their small family, Gaia and Calliope. This family of four now lives happily within our Animal Sanctuary and cannot wait to meet you! 

The Residents

Calliope the Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Calliope is actually our sweetest Dwarf Nigerian Goat! She absolutely adores having her neck, head, and back rubbed! She has stunningly crystal blue eyes and came to live at Planet Rehab when she was 3 months old in 2012.  

Buddy the Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Buddy and his best friend Benjamin came here when their past owner couldn't take care of them anymore, but they have made Planet Rehab home. Buddy is the alpha goat of his enclosure and has to be the first one to get treats and head rubs.


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