Hello, I am Allen

Largest Sulcata Tortoise in USA!

Want to hear something crazy? Before Planet Rehab, my owners thought I was a lady! They even called me, Helen! But the wonderful people at Planet Rehab soon found out I was a super macho dude. Now I demand to be called Allen, or I'll just ignore you. On second thought, I'll just ignore you either way! Saves the both of us the embarrassment! (Plus I'm a reptile, so I don't really care what you silly mammals do. I just want to be fed!)


Did I mention I currently hold the record for Largest Sulcata Tortoise in the USA, weighing at over 250 pounds! I have been thinking of hitting the gym and losing a couple pounds, but who has the time these days! But in truth, that is why us Sulcata Tortoises do not make very good pets. We may start smaller than a cupcake, but we grow incredibly fast and are very moody animals! 

I hope you sponsor me so that I can keep gouging on tasty vegetables and yummy special treats! Thank you! 

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African Sulcata Tortoise



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