Hello, I am Abbey!

A couple originally purchased Abbey as a "pet" for their daughter. Predictably, a duck did what a duck was going to do and made a huge mess. Unhappy with Abbey's (understandably) messy behavior, the couple planned to take her to a slaughter house! We managed to intervene at the right time and rescued Abbey from the hands of Death!

Abbey now lives in our Mandarin Lagoon and has made friends with a young peahen, Camille. Abbey is one of our sweetest ducks and has quickly become the favorite of many volunteers! She will happily eat seeds and corn from your hands and she will accept any and all pets and scratchies you can offer. 

Sponsor Abbey today to bring a smile to her lovely face!

Former Babysitter

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Conservation Status

Least Concern



Muscovy Duck


Central & South America

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Muscovy Duck

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